The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

II Ẹgbẹ́ Òrìṣà II The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà - Energies of Nature

We are Ẹgbẹ́ Òrìṣà, the Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà - Energies of Nature

and we have been active in Slovenia for many years. 

Our worship is universal as it is dedicated to the deities of nature called the Òrìṣà.

These are the energies manifested in nature that are an inherent part of human disposition. The Òrìṣà provide answers to eternal questions – who am I, what is my mission, how can I be of service, where am I currently at, and how can I fulfil my dreams.

These are all questions we must find answers to; otherwise, our life is hopeless. Unfortunately, these are not the things we are taught in school, and furthermore, many parents fail to raise their children in this way. We had to go to the heart of Africa to seek this wisdom out because on our home soil it has mostly been lost.

The foundations of our work



Human intelligence is very efficient when it comes to posing questions but much less so in terms of providing answers.

Òrìṣà Philosophy

Òrìṣà Philosophy

When speaking about the Òrìṣà, remember that everything begins and ends with personal responsibility.



Ancestors symbolize community and construction. They are a symbol of peace and harmony. We invoke them to ...



Orí is the principle that is most accessible to all of us because it is an inherent part of all living beings.

Spiritual Orientation

Spiritual Orientation

Since we do not know everything, we need someone to guide our thinking and point us in the right direction.

Dance of the Òrìṣà

Dance of the Òrìṣà

The Òrìṣà philosophy celebrates all aspects of life in a very dynamic and joyful way.



Sàra denotes spiritual generosity and is one of the fundamental rituals in the Òrìṣà philosophy.


The authors of the photographs published on our website are Awódìran, Edo Òriṣàniyi, Tina Ramujkić and Orígbèmi. They have our gratitude.


A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the creation of this website..
O ṣeun pupọ!

Travelling beyond space and time

A spiritual vacation on the Brazilian coast and in Nigeria.

Rituals in Nigeria

We are pleased to announce that from 2021 on, we offer a possibility to obtain practical spiritual support from wise elders, who are specialists for the Òrìṣà – energies of nature and have dedicated their existence to providing support to individuals, showing the deepest recognition and respect for human individuality and the uniqueness of each life path.