The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

II Ẹgbẹ́ Òrìṣà II The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

Birthday ritual

Spiritual support around the time of your birthday
- a birthday gift to yourself

A lot of people share the same experience – just before or right on their birthday, something happens to cause turmoil, unexpected uncomfortable situations occur, and instead of rejoicing, people are forced to become crisis managers. If you share the same experience, the following text will interest you.

Òrìṣà philosophy of the Yoruba people has been dealing with this phenomenon for centuries and has practical instruments to help people get through tumultuous days. The goal is to alleviate turbulence, calm restlessness, and make the person persevere through that difficult period with as little agitated emotions as possible.

We are pleased to announce that from 2021 on, we offer a possibility to obtain practical spiritual support from wise elders, who are specialists for the Òrìṣà – energies of nature and have dedicated their existence to providing support to individuals, showing the deepest recognition and respect for human individuality and the uniqueness of each life path.

No matter where someone is at any given moment, our desires are always similar. Health, longevity, to love and be loved, to have a smooth and sweet life, to have a clear and calm mind, emotional balance, to have financial success, to be accompanied by good luck, to have peace in our home, to have our business efforts recognized and well rewarded, to have a good reputation and respect in the community, etc.

With practical spiritual support in the form of a ritual performed for ourselves in the days before our birthday, we ensure the continuity of all the good we have created and protect our lives from harmful turbulence. Your responsibility is “just” to do the follow up, to continue the daily routine of becoming a better person, to avoid conflicts, to be patient, kind, and calm.

If you are interested in this precious ritual, write to us at We’ll be happy to provide you with more information and the data for making a direct payment to priests and priestesses in Nigeria who will perform the ritual for you. We are merely intermediaries.

This and other rituals mentioned, that are being performed by specialist priests in Nigeria are aimed at all those who wish to enhance the quality of their lives through nature. Because we are all parts of nature regardless of our gender, race, or conviction. 

Birthday Ritual
Birthday Ritual