The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

II Ẹgbẹ́ Òrìṣà II The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

Ẹbọ Oríjì

Ẹbọ Oríjì

Ẹbọ Oríjì is much more than a ritual, ẹbọ Oríjì is a concept of collective coexistence because every one of us can feel good only if our relationship with the society we live in is good as well. Whatever we do, intentionally or unintentionally, we can never be absolutely neutral. This means that it can happen, that we may offend someone’s Ori once or several times. When we offend someone’s Orí, we create a spiritual debt that we add to our inherited and other burdens of debt. Therefore, throughout our lifetime our spiritual debt constantly grows bigger and bigger.

Oríjì means: “let your Orí forgive me”. Ẹbọ Oríjì is a ritual in which we apologize to all Orí that we ever offended. This is about forgiveness on a spiritual level, on a level that cannot be reached by our conscious mind, and a level on which consciously nobody is capable of forgiving. This is an ẹbọ, where our Orí asks other Orí he might have ever offended to forgive him on the spiritual level.

Taken from the lecture by Bàbá King, 28. 5. 2022.

If you are interested in this precious ritual, write to us at We’ll be happy to provide you with more information and the data for making a direct payment to priests and priestesses in Nigeria who will perform the ritual for you. We are merely intermediaries.

This and other rituals mentioned, that are being performed by specialist priests in Nigeria are aimed at all those who wish to enhance the quality of their lives through nature. Because we are all parts of nature regardless of our gender, race, or conviction. 

Ebo oriji