The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

II Ẹgbẹ́ Òrìṣà II The Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà – Energies of Nature

The ẹbọ ritual

The ẹbọ ritual

What is the purpose of the ẹbọ ritual?

The purpose of performing any kind of ẹbọ ritual is reflected in the following saying:

Riru ẹbọ
Ni ngbe ẹni
Ai ru, ki ngbe eniyan

When you perform the ẹbọ ritual,
You have the support of the ẹbọ,
When you don’t perform the ẹbọ ritual, you don’t have the support.

Ẹbọ is a consequence of a (self-)diagnosis performed after you diagnose a problem, an illness, or any kind of suffering related to something that has already happened, something that is currently going on, or something that is yet to take place. Ẹbọ is the competence. The capacity of the ẹbọ ritual deals with the past, the present, and the future. In parallel with this, ẹbọ deals with the energy of attraction, the energy of healing, and the energy of defence.

Any time we have a prescription or wish to perform the ẹbọ ritual, it is to alleviate a problem, to attract something good into our life, or to protect ourselves from something negative. Every single one of us in any circumstances in life, either good or bad, always needs the benefits of the ẹbọ ritual.

Ẹbọ is a kind of spiritual cleansing in which we use edible natural materials (although not necessarily edible for human beings) that are a part of our civilization.

Ẹbọ is also a process of self-healing: although somebody else will perform it for you, allowing the possibility for the ẹbọ ritual to be performed is a way to nurse and pamper yourself, to alleviate a specific problem or prevent it altogether, or to attract something positive into your life.

How often do we perform the ẹbọ ritual?

We can perform the ẹbọ ritual as many times as we want. Each time we go for a spiritual orientation, we receive a prescription for the ẹbọ. And even if we don’t go for a spiritual orientation, we can voluntarily perform the ẹbọ anytime we are not feeling well, whenever we want to achieve something, or when we want to embark on a new project. We can perform the ẹbọ ritual for any reason and at any occasion in life, from marriage to any kind of anniversary, at any given time, and for any cycle of life to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Ẹbọ is a process of spiritual cleansing where we connect all the ancestral energies with the spiritual and natural energies of the planet and with our physical, spiritual, and material presence on this planet, all with the aim of being synchronized with our time, with our limitations, with our difficulties, with our ambitions and dreams.

We can say that the purpose of the ẹbọ ritual is to empower us and make us strong. It is a process of revitalization that increases our vital energy, makes us more resistant, and provides us with a new chance in life.

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